Blade Pneumatic Panty Cutter

  • pneumatic reversing cetme

    I's a very usefull device working by compressed air, with pneumatic blade scissors, to cut in the middle panty hose tubes made of thin yarns (like: nylon, mycrofibra, lycra, ecc) as well as heavy yarns (like: cotton, wool, medical, acrylic, ecc). By pressing the pedal control (on the bottom) the 'pneumatic cutting scissors' is running along the form slit and cut , aligning with the laser ray.

    • Powered by compressed air (6/8 atm.)
    • Air consumption: 9 lt. for each cut
    • It's outfit with:
    • Self sharpening cutting group
    • Laser ray for cutting alignment
    • Dozens counter (which signals each 24 units = 12 dz. Panty hoses)
    • Protection tube for operator's security (CE norm)
    • Emergency Push button ( CE norms)
    • Pedal control ( CE norms)
    • Av. Production: panty hose with heel ref. Dz. 180/280
    • Av. Production: panty hose no heel Dz. 300/380