Electric Body and Seamless stretch tester

Also available in "MANUAL VERSION"
  • Electric Stretch Tester for man.jpg

    "ELECTRIC STRETCH TESTER" verifies the length and the width of "seamless" underwear garments ( after the knitting process).
    The measurements are obtained through the descent of a standard carriage group ( Kg. 4,650) at a speed kept constant by an electric motor (with rechargeable batteries).

    Also available in "MANUAL VERSION" with manual release and carriage descent.

    • 1: Locking clip
    • 2: Extension arms
    • 3: Reading desk
    • 4: Control lever
    • 5: Inspecting form
    • Maximum measurable length: cm. 130 (mod. 130)
    • Maximum measurable length: cm. 180 (mod. 180)
    • Maximum width: cm. 165
    • Battery life: 8 h. approx. (it works also during battery recharging!)
    • Supply: 12 V. (with rechargeable batteries)
    • The electric testers, not being connected to any electric wire while running on battery power, can be freely moved around in the knitting department