• electronic stretch tester
    Machine to test and verify the elongation of any tubular stretch fabric: stretch jeans, sport clothing stretch, swimwear, compression stockings...
    By applying a force to the sample to be tested , the software performs the calculation of the percentage elongation % / kg. This parameter gives an idea about the quality of elasticity of the fabric.

    Possibility to set and save a variety of tests

    By choosing between two main operating modes:
    • - priority of strength: you set the strength in Kg. (up to nine steps) and you read the relative measures in cm.
    • - priority of measurement: you set the quota at which are positioned the arms in cm. and you read the corresponding stress in Kg.

    You can perform:
    • - simple elongation tests
    • - tests hysteresis loop
    • - stress tests
    • - static tests

    Possibility of setting upon how to save the articles to be created.

    Possibility of creating the measuring procedures for each article:
    • - by matching drawings or photos
    • - sample measurements
    • - tolerances
    • - notes

    In the free password area, the operator can:
    • - recall an article
    • - effect its measurement procedure
    • - choose to save or not the data

    Possibility to display saved data.

    Electronic stretch tester. Demo