Electric Lady stretch tester

Also available in "MANUAL VERSION"
  • Electric Stretch Tester for man.jpg

    The 'electric lady stretch tester' verifies the length and the width measures for the size control of hoses, panty hoses, knee highs in nylon, microfibre, lycra, for both the knitting and quality control. The measurements are obtained through the descent of a standard carriage group (kg. 4,700) at a speed kept constant by an electric motor (with rechargeable batteries).

    Also available in "MANUAL VERSION" with manual release and carriage descent.

    • 1: Inspecting form
    • 2: Panty hose and stocking toe locking
    • 3: Control lever
    • 4: Foot length (see black scale)
    • 5: Panty hose toe locking
    • 6: Black scale (to read leg length)
    • 7: White scale (to read panty length/tot. length)
    • 8: Manual carriage release
    • 9: Welt locking (on carriage) for: hoses, panty hoses, knee hoses
    • 10: Extension arms
    • 11: Knee-high toe locking
    • 12: Reading desk
    • 13: Width and Tot. length ref. arrow
    • Standard stretching weight: kg. 4,700 (as usual)
    • Maximum measurable length: cm. 315
    • Optional 'Lift up + 100': to measure cm. 100 more, till max lenght cm 415
    • SPECIAL MODIFICATIONS: "Extensions arms" for medical stockings - Modify for Stay UP stockings
    • Carriage descent: controlled by an electric motor (with rechargeable atteries!
    • Battery life: 8 h. approx. (it works also during battery recharging!)
    • Supply: 12 V. with rechargeable batteries
    • Manual working the carriage has a manual release, to operate manually, if necessary
    • The electric testers, not being connected to any electric wire while running on battery power, can be freely moved around in the knitting department
    DEMO: measurings of a tube of raw panty hoses
    DEMO: measurings of a finished panty hoses
    DEMO: manual lady stretch tester measurements